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What is a Eco Burial?

Eco Burial is a statement of personal values; it is a sustainable and spiritually fulfilling solution for people seeking to leave a legacy of care and respect for our planet.

An Eco Burial Ground, also known as a woodland cemetery, a green-cemetery, memorial nature preserve, or natural burial ground, is a place where the body is returned to nature. Native vegetation (often a memorial tree) is planted over or near the grave in place of a conventional cemetery monument. The resulting Ecospace establishes a living memorial and forms a protected wildlife preserve.

Eco burial promotes the use of biodegradable burial products such as simple wooden caskets, handmade caskets including wicker caskets or burial shrouds. Eco burial offers an environmentally sensitive burial alternative.

Our Purpose

Forest of Memories promotes and supports the development of eco burial across North America.

What is important to YOU?

We need YOUR input and opinions. Please follow the link below to complete the consumer questionnaire on Eco burial.