Natural Burial Grounds in North America

Forever Fernwood Natural Burial Ground

301 Tennessee Valley Rd
Mill Valley, California 94941

Phone: (415)383-7100


Northern California is leading the nation in the alternative death movement. Fernwood Burial Ground in Marin County, California, just north of San Francisco, is eco friendly with no tombstones or caskets. Instead, bodies are buried there in ways that aid natural decomposition, and survivors can locate their loved-ones’ burial site with a handheld device that contains a GPS location finder.


The Fernwood Burial Ground in Marin County's Tennessee Valley dates from the 19th Century and is adjacent to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Tyler Cassity's Forever Enterprises purchased it in 2004. Cassity's family is in the funeral business and he himself worked as a consultant on HBO's Six Feet Under. The Fernwood property is 32 acres with part of it set aside for natural burial.